Jane Goodall's Global Birthday Celebration


Jane's Google Hangout Birthday Party

Dr. Goodall's Google+ Hangout on Air birthday party is now over. You can watch a recording of the party and still join the celebration by signing Jane's birthday card or sending a message on social media using #80yearsofJane. 


The Google+ Hangout on Air was hosted in conjunction with Google Earth Outreach and Connected Classrooms.

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Jane's Birthday Wishes

For her special day, Jane didn't want gifts or special parties. All she wanted was to invite the world to help advance the mission and programs of the Jane Goodall Institute. Learn more about Jane's wishes and how you can get involved. 

Making Tchimpounga’s Islands Chimp Ready by 2014

Built to house only 30 chimpanzees, JGI's Tchimpounga Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Center in the Republic of Congo is now home to more than 160 chimpanzees. Relocating more than 100 of these chimpanzees to three pristine islands in the middle of the Kouilou River will help give everyone more room to roam.

You can help grant Jane's birthday wish and make the islands "chimp ready" in 2014.

Dedicate a Roots & Shoots Project to Dr. Jane

What could be a more special gift than helping to create a better world for people, animals and the environment? Be inspired by Dr. Jane's life and determination, and give the gift of service by dedicating your next Roots & Shoots project to Dr. Jane. Share your birthday projects on social media using the hashtag #80yearsofjane!

Read a few ideas to help launch a project through Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots.

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