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Take a stand against the illegal commercial bushmeat trade!

With the increased commercialization of the illegal bushmeat trade across Central and Western Africa, thousands of adult chimpanzees and other endangered animals like elephants and gorillas are killed every year.



Help us end the use of chimpanzees in entertainment!

The happy chimpanzees you see on the screen are not the real deal. The use of chimpanzees and other great apes in entertainment is often very cruel, requiring the animals to perform unnatural acts day after day, on command. We encourage media companies and others to sign our pledge NOT to allow the use of these animals on their networks or in advertising. We're reaching out to a variety of organizations to ask them to sign. Our efforts depend on the support of people like you. We want a list of 20,000 Jane Goodall Institute supporters to hand each company to show them the degree of concern about this issue.

We're asking the entertainment industry to pledge: "As a leader in our industry, our organization pledges not to use live great apes (gorillas, chimpanzees, orangutans or bonobos) in connection with any of our products or services or for advertising, entertainment or any other purpose."


  • Tell advertisers and others that a chimpanzee on a high wire isn't funny or cute. SIGN OUR PETITION


Learn about the Issues

There are an estimated 1,000 chimpanzees used for testing or "warehousing" in labs in the U.S.

There are compelling reasons to end the use of great apes in entertainment.

  • Learn more about this brand of animal exploitation.

Many people now realize chimpanzees are not meant to live in our homes.

  • Learn more of the facts about why chimpanzees can't be pets.

Knowing the facts about bushmeat is an important part of ending this serious threat.

Chimpanzees are our closest cousins in the wild.

Jane Goodall's life story has inspired millions.

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There are many ways to join in our efforts save chimpanzees, help communities develop sustainable livelihoods and empower youth.


Help spread the word about the plight of chimpanzees and our efforts to save them by sending e-cards with irresistible chimpanzee photos.



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