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Happy Valentine's Day from Dr. Jane

Although Jane was in Washington, DC this week stuck in the terrible blizzard that left the city with nearly two feet of snow, she wanted to make sure to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day! Take a look at Jane's special Valentine's Day video message.

The Story of Mr. H - Jane's Traveling Companion

If you have ever met Jane in person you know that she is never without Mr. H, a unique toy monkey with a special story. Here in Jane's own words is the story of her traveling companion:

Film Shoot in Munich

One of Jane's passions is living a vegetarian lifestyle. Being vegetarian is healthier not only for the consumer but also the environment.

Dr. Jane and the Necklace

As Jane travels the world - and airport after airport - she meets many people along the way. Often the interaction starts when someone whispers "is that really Jane Goodall?" and Jane responds with a cheerful "Hello! How are you?"

A Special Drawing for Jane

Jane received a very special picture from a member of Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots program recently.  

The young artist, Isabella from Florida, had this to say about her drawing:

A Visit to the Jane Goodall Research Center

This past October, as part of Jane's autumn 2009 United States lecture tour, she visited the University of Southern California in Los Angeles and the Jane Goodall Research Center on campus.

The Jane Photo of the Week

With Jane on a perpetual world speaking tour and traveling to every corner of the globe, you can imagine what  a variety of "Jane in action" shots we have ! To showcase some appealing images, every week we will be featuring one special photo of Jane. The new feature will be called "The Jane Photo of the Week."

Too "Chimpanzee-Specific"?

Jane's message really travels. In the Jane Goodall Institute offices we receive emails from people around the world who are inspired by Jane's work. A few months ago, we received an original cartoon by an artist in India named Harsha Nagaraju. Harsha, a Jane fan, was motivated to draw the cartoon after seeing several TV shows about Jane. He wanted to point out that Jane's research is about chimpanzees, while having a little fun too!

Behind the Scenes at The Daily Show

Jane is no stranger to television interviews. Over her 50 years of work, she has appeared on a variety of of well-known, traditional news programs. But this past November, Jane let her hair down -- so to speak -- to reach a new audience by appearing on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, the popular news satire program on Comedy Central.

Jane Attends JGI Global Meeting

The Jane Goodall Institute is a global organization, with operations in more than 20 countries worldwide. At the end of November, Jane traveled to Belgium to join the leaders of international JGIs to discuss priorities for the year ahead. 

Jane Gets a Special Degree in Spain

Shortly before Thanksgiving, Jane was in Spain for several days to promote the work of the Jane Goodall Institute - Spain and Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots program. In between speeches and events, Jane made time to visit the Universidad Pablo de Olavide in Seville (named after the Spanish-Peruvian politician) to receive an honorary degree.

Jane's Poster - at a Bus Stop Near You!

If you are noticing Jane everywhere these days it is not only because she travels over 300 days a year around the world. Even though she is on a perpetual world tour, Jane is in places where you might least expect her - including on a special poster featured in bus stops and billboards around the United States! 

Jane Visits the Department of Interior

Last Friday Jane made a quick stop in Washington, DC to visit the U.S. Department of the Interior and give a lecture to department employees and other invited guests. Secretary Ken Salazar was a gracious host to Jane as she spoke to a packed auditorium of 700 people. In her remarks Jane said, "I am pleased to be speaking to so many people who have an impact on policy not just in Washington but around the world." 

Jane visits Pierce Brosnan

While Jane was in California last week to accept the Minerva Award at Maria Shriver's Women's Conference, she took a few moments to catch up with an old friend. Pierce Brosnan, the actor and environmentalist who needs no introduction, has been Jane's friend and a JGI supporter for many years.

Jane Receives Minerva Award

On Tuesday, Jane took part in the one-of-a-kind California Women's Conference hosted by Maria Shriver. Over 25,000 women from around California - and the world - joined together for 2 days to celebrate and speak about the power of women to transform our world. From Madeleine Albright to Katie Couric to Sir Richard Branson, Jane joined an A-list line-up of conference speakers. Jane, along with 3 other pioneering women, was selected to receive the special Minerva Award this year.

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