Adventurous Anzac

Wednesday, August 15, 2012 - 8:55pm

Anzac is progressing very well at Tchimpounga. She is growing and eating lots of fruits and vegetables in addition to her bottles of milk. With the love, care and support of Chantal, her primary caregiver, Anzac is developing into a very outgoing and adventurous little chimpanzee. She’s not hindered by her missing limb and comes up with novel solutions for every situation that arises. And she loves to make up games!

Today, she discovered that the lid of a bucket is the perfect launching pad for pouncing on top of little JeJe. Anzac also tucks pieces of food under her missing arm so that she can run and climb with the other babies and have a snack at the ready.
Recently, Anzac has been testing different styles of locomotion. At the moment, she likes to do her version of a “bunny hop.” She springs forward and jumps with her back legs together, using her short limb to soften any falls.
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