Dr. Jane and the Necklace

Wednesday, February 3, 2010 - 4:33pm

As Jane travels the world - and airport after airport - she meets many people along the way. Often the interaction starts when someone whispers "is that really Jane Goodall?" and Jane responds with a cheerful "Hello! How are you?"

On a recent stop at the Los Angeles International Airport, Jane met a new friend named Michael Kane, who happened to be on the same flight. After speaking about their mutual interest in Native American culture, Michael removed a beautiful red and turquoise stone necklace he had been wearing and insisted Jane accept his gift of friendship. Jane of course loved the necklace and has been wearing it at many high-profile events. Take a look below!

Michael Kane, of the Cherokee Nation, after presenting Jane with a special necklace at the Los Angeles Airport.
Jane and her new necklace were broadcast to millions of households during an interview with Bill Moyers in November. Check out the interview here in case you missed it. Photo by Claire Jones.


When Jane met famous photographer Annie Leibovitz in Long Beach, California she wore the necklace!

Jane receiving the 2009 Women's Conference Minerva Award from Maria Shriver in October - in front of over 25,000 people!

Earlier post about the Minerva Conference.

 Photos by John Trybus


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