Forest Conservation and Youth: Sharing Traditional Wisdom About Herbal Medicine Between Generations

Tuesday, April 15, 2014 - 6:57am
  • New project of Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots supports student efforts in western Tanzania to protect forest.
  • Through sharing information about herbal and traditional medicine the students hope to increase motivation to protect the local forest preserve.
  • Anyone, anywhere can support their effor through a special crowd funding campaign


The Jane Goodall Institute works with communities throughout chimpanzee range countries to help them protect forests. In rural western Tanzania, near Kigoma, Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots is supporting Sokoine Primary School's project to protect a local forest preserve. Their 20 hectare forest is a great source of herbal medicines for their community who lack access to healthcare. Watch the video below to learn how the students are using this as an opportunity to motivate the community to protect the forest.



Working with traditional herbalists, the students are learning about the medicinal uses of plants within the forest so that they can document these uses. They will take this information they are learning from these elders and publish them in books that they can make available to the rest of their community. The information they are also learning will be stored on computers nearby so that the wisdom they are gaining will never be lost. 


Learn more about the project here.



Anyone can support the project via the Pozible crowd funding campaign above. Supporting the campaign brings you into a special community where you can expect news and updates from the project, as well as, depending on the size of your gift a number of benefits including copies of Jane's gifts, to classroom presentations from one of JGI's field experts. Support the campaign today and help spread wisdom of herbal medicine and promote forest conservation. 

Thank You to Our Supporters!


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