Gombe's biodiversity

Thursday, June 17, 2010 - 6:37pm

What kind of animals would Jane have seen in her first weeks at Gombe? The forest to this day is home to an array of species. Baboons are seemingly ubiquitous, and red colobus monkeys are common as well.

Jane wrote a letter to her family describing some of the animals she encountered:

"I have seen a timid little bushbuck leading his two ladies across a grassy patch, each one following exactly in his footsteps. I have seen seven buffalo feeding peacefully at the top of one of the mountain ridges. I have found a beautiful monkey with black fur and a bright red crown on the top of its head & watched the troop for an hour, the mother with her tiny baby clinging round her middle, the old man resting in the shade, and some of the young bloods racing round from branch to branch. And a tiny kingfisher, no bigger than a sparrow, and brillant as a jewel. Can you wonder that I should be happy here? It is the Africa of my childhood's dreams, and I have the chance of finding out things which no has ever known before." (From Jane Goodall: The Woman Who Redefined Man, by Dale Peterson.)

Baboons are among the diversity of species at Gombe. Here, a chimp has some fun, seemingly at the baboon's expense.




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