Behind the Scenes at 'Good Morning America'

Wednesday, September 23, 2009 - 1:23pm

 While Jane was in New York City she had the opportunity to stop by the Good Morning America show to discuss her book, Hope for Animals and Their World. As you can imagine this meant a pretty early morning for Jane!  The show went on live around 8 a.m., and was broadcast to millions of homes around the country. Jane spoke about her hope for animals around the world, including China’s giant panda, which is featured in the book. She even met a few new friends at the GMA studios!  

Lights, camera, action! Jane sits down with anchor Bill Weir on the set of Good Morning America. It was an early morning, but provided great exposure for jane to speak to a large audience about the conservation success stories described in her new book.


Getting the message out takes a lot of technical equipment. Here, a member of the television staff keeps an eye on the interview from a monitor.


Chef Wolfgang Puck was a guest the same day as Jane. In between interviews and cooking demonstrations, Jane and Wolfgang were able to chat about their mutual interest in healthy sustainable food choices. Jane is a vegetarian and speaks often about the benefits of that type of lifestyle. 











Left: Jane spoke with host Robin Roberts outside the ABC studios. Right: It's no surprise that Jane has fans of all ages and species. Here, one of New York City's finest police dogs gives Jane a lick on the street after the interview.




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