Greetings from the 2011-12 Roots & Shoots Youth Leadership Fellow!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011 - 2:27pm

It has been one month since I started as the Fellow. I came to this position after being involved with a
Roots & Shoots Youth Leadership Council. Having the opportunity to spend time with the youth leaders, I
have come to learn what an incredible group of individuals they are - enthusiastic, passionate and inspiring.
One of the projects that I was extremely excited to help lead is the annual Global Youth Campaign.

Every year, youth leaders from across North America have the opportunity to develop and plan a campaign
that aims to connect Roots & shoots groups from across the globe in a common effort. The 2011-12
campaign, One Million Hours of Service, is a youth-led is being prepared for launch as I write this and
focuses on inspiring people to realize that every individual and every hour of service counts.

Over the course of 2011, youth leaders brainstormed ideas and goals for this year’s campaign. Their initial
ideas have since been shaped into the global, service-orientated mission that will be launched at the end of
October. The process has truly been a grassroots effort and brilliantly reflects the vision of those who have
planned it.

With less than a month until the campaign is launched, the youth leaders have been working diligently.
Working in small groups, youth leaders are each taking responsibility for specific tasks.

Here are some examples of what they’re working on:

  • Developing new resources to help groups plan impactful projects
  • Planning how to celebrate and reward groups that contribute a large number of hours to the cause
  • Creating the campaign website

We are very proud of the campaign committee’s dedication to this project. Personally, I am thrilled to have
been involved in the final planning meetings and I can’t wait to continue supporting the team after the
launch. We can’t wait to share the campaign with everyone and are looking forward to seeing the Roots &
Shoots global network come alive! Keep an eye out for updates and more information!

Adrienne Mae


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