International Travel: Jane in Portugal

Wednesday, June 26, 2013 - 10:50am

If you’ve been wondering what Jane has been up to this week, you’ve come to the right place! Jane and members of the Jane Goodall Institute’s (JGI) global team took part in Rotary’s 104th International Convention in Lisbon, Portugal. The convention brings together approximately 25,000 Rotarians over a three-day period. The annual convention is said to be the largest in the world for the tourism industry.

JGI’s booth at the convention was a huge success. Thousands of visitors stopped by to get information on our programs and membership and to learn more about JGI’s efforts to protect people, animals and the environment. 

As you may recall, Jane was featured in Rotary’s global campaign, End Polio Now. At the booth, Rotarians from all around the world were amazed to see the inspirational video about Lemba, one of the Tchimpounga sanctuary chimpanzees who was infected with the polio virus. A number of people were surprised by Lemba’s story as they did not know about the similarities between chimpanzees and humans.

On Wednesday afternoon, Jane addressed more than 8,000 Rotarians. During her remarks, she shared stories of her years at Gombe and discussed the current state of chimpanzees, JGI’s programs, and each individual’s power to effect positive change.

Jane shares her message of hope on the final day of this year’s Rotary International Convention. 

Jane pictured with Celine Cousteau, French explorer and founder of CauseCentric Productions; Ron D. Burton, president-elect of Rotary’s board of directors (far left); and Wilfrid Wilkinson, president of Rotary’s board of trustees (far right) at the Arch C. Klumph Society Dinner in Lisbon. 

Jane and Federico Bogdanowicz, JGI Spain executive director, visiting the Jane Goodall Institute’s booth on the convention floor. 

Before Jane’s big lecture, Tara Golshan, executive director-education for Roots & Shoots in the United Kingdom, gave our founder a trim!  
















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