Jane Launches the "Twiga Project" in Tanzania

Thursday, August 16, 2012 - 5:05pm
Jane Goodall at the Tanzania Portland Cement Company in July 2012

During her busy trip to Tanzania in July, Jane attended the launch and blessing of a project involving local members of Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots and the Tanzania Portland Cement Company (TPCC), also known as TwigaCement. The goal of the “Twiga Project” is to rehabilitate and restore cement quarries while promoting environmental sustainability and conservation in Tanzania. The project is currently scheduled to run until April 2013.

Roots & Shoots youth from the Boko and Maendeleo secondary schools attended the launch, which took place at the Twiga Cement quarry in the Wazo Hill area outside of Dar es Salaam. While there, the students began planting the first trees. 

During the launch, Dr. Goodall also spoke with TPCC Managing Director Pascal Lesoinne and TPCC Environmental Manager Juliet Mboneko.  TPCC officials, as well as Roots & Shoots members, even touched Mr. H, Jane's stuffed animal mascot, for inspiration!

Once a month throughout the project, Roots & Shoots groups will return to theTwiga quarry to learn about the cement manufacturing process. The groups will also visit the tree nursery at the quarry, where they will learn how to plant and raise trees. 

Students will be expected to bring this knowledge back to their homes and schools, where they will start their own tree nurseries and other tree-planting initiatives. The program will also involve leadership training and incentives for Roots & Shoots groups. 




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