Special Matching Campaign Helps Tchimpounga's 'Geniuses'

Friday, October 18, 2013 - 12:37pm
It’s common knowledge that chimpanzees are incredibly intelligent beings. But did you know that just like humans, some chimpanzees are especially smart, outshining their group-mates with their exceptionally high levels of intelligence?
Unfortunately, some of the uncommonly bright chimpanzees living at the Jane Goodall Institute’s (JGI) Tchimpounga sanctuary in the Republic of Congo often have less freedom than the other chimpanzees. This is because they are able to “outsmart” their enclosures and escape, which can create an unsafe situation for the chimpanzees, as well as for Tchimpounga’s staff. For the protection of humans and chimpanzees alike, sanctuary staff members must keep these chimpanzees in indoor enclosures.
One of Tchimpounga’s resident geniuses is Tiki, a gentle male chimpanzee who arrived at Tchimpounga in 2002. In addition to having a very sweet and calm personality, Tiki is incredibly intelligent. An expert toolmaker, Tiki was able to figure out how to exploit a weakness in his outdoor enclosure by diverting the electric current in the fence. This allowed Tiki to mastermind several escapes until he was moved indoors to prevent future attempts.
Now you have the chance to help Tiki by donating to Animal Planet’s ROAR Campaign! During this campaign, Animal Planet will match all donations given to JGI through the charitable giving website GlobalGiving. All gifts to JGI through the ROAR Campaign will go to JGI’s Tchimpounga Expansion Project and will be matched dollar for dollar through November 12, 2013.
Tchimpounga’s Expansion Project is so important for brainy chimpanzees like Tiki and the rest of his group because they are first in line to move to the new island sanctuary site on Tchibebe. Once the Tchibebe Island expansion is finished, Tiki will once again be able to play outside with his friends, putting his amazing intellect to good use while climbing trees and foraging for food.

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