The Story of Mr. H - Jane's Traveling Companion

Friday, February 12, 2010 - 1:44pm

If you have ever met Jane in person you know that she is never without Mr. H, a unique toy monkey with a special story. Here in Jane's own words is the story of her traveling companion:

Mr. H is not just any stuffed toy; he has a story to tell. It all began in 1996 when Mr. H - the original Mr. H - was given to me for my birthday by my great friend Gary Haun. Gary lost his eyesight when he was 25 years old in the U.S. Marines. He made up his mind that he would not allow his blindness to destroy his life. When Gary decided to learn magic. he was told he'd never really be much good without sight.

But he became a very, very good magician. He does shows for kids and they don't even realize he is blind. And then he tells them all the other things he's learned to do -- scuba diving, cross-country skiing, blind golf, judo and karate, just to name a few of his accomplishments. Gary's message is simple: "Don't give up when something goes wrong in your life. Work hard and you can overcome most obstacles."

Jane with Gary Haun, her friend who gave her Mr. H as a gift.

Gary thought the original Mr. H was a chimp; I made Gary hold his tail. "You have no excuse," I said. "Chimps don't have tails." "Never mind," Gary said, unabashed. "Take him wherever you go and you'll know I'm with you in spirit." Now in 2010, Mr. H has visited more than 60 countries with me and has been touched by over 2.5 million people from around the world.

I tell everyone that when they touch him some of the inspiration that I get from Gary will rub off on them. Mr. H cannot carry his message of inspiration to all the millions of people who want to touch him, so we are asking Mr. H Junior to help. Just as I take the original Mr. H with me, you can take Mr. H Junior wherever you go, and help us to share the inspiring story with the people you meet. He will make people smile and we need more smiles.


Mr. H hangs out in the Los Angeles Airport.

Photo by John Trybus

 Jane and Mr. H brave a rain storm in Texas.

Photo by Mary Lewis

Mr. H Juniors take over an event in Austria!

Photo by Gudrun Schindler

Although Mr. H is one-of-a-kind, his story has inspired the creation of Mr. H Junior, who is available at the JGI store.


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