Tchimpounga's Newest Mandrills!

Thursday, June 27, 2013 - 4:37pm
The Jane Goodall Institute’s (JGI) Tchimpounga Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Center in the Republic of Congo is primarily for chimpanzees. But try telling that to our resident mandrills! In his most recent blog entry, JGI Mandrill Project Supervisor Miles Woodruff reports from Tchimpounga about the sanctuary's newest additions.
Great news from Tchimpounga! Three baby mandrills brought to the sanctuary passed their health checks and were moved to the main site! The youngsters, Vue-de-loin, Gaya and Mbote, are now bouncing around in their new enclosure and enjoying the sights and sounds of their much larger and livelier home. 
Working with local partners PALF (Projet d'appui à l'Application de la Loi sur la Faune), a wildlife law enforcement nonprofit, and the Congolese Ministère de l’Economie Forestière, JGI helps protect these Old World monkeys and rehabilitate them at Tchimpounga where they enjoy swings, hammocks, and two meals of fresh fruit and vegetables every day.  
Watching the three babies play, it’s hard to believe that these cheerful playmates met only five months ago when they were saved from the bushmeat market. Over the next month, we will integrate Vue-de-loin, Gaya and Mbote with the larger release group, but for now they are chattering away with their future forest mates.
Stay tuned for some big news from the Jane Goodall Institute Mandrill Release Project later this summer!

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