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Snares, Steel-Jaw Traps and Chimpanzees













Hunters in Uganda set traps for bush pigs, antelope and other prey. But these devices, which are illegal in protected areas, have killed many chimpanzees and maimed approximately 25 percent of the habituated chimp population in the country.

Area of Tchimpounga Nature Reserve Expanded by 750 Percent!

JGI staff braved waist-high waters while conducting surveys of the Tchimpounga Nature Reserve.

Wonderful news!

Biodiversity quest brings Bouchet Academy youth together to create endangered species mobile scavenger hunts

Event Celebrates Culmination of New Partnership and Program to Educate Sixth- and Seventh-Grade Students About Biodiversity/Digital Media

For the first time, a new endangered species educational program, Biodiversity Quest, has been developed for sixth- and seventh-grade students to support their exploration of Chicago’s free Lincoln Park Zoo.

Make a Difference on World Environment Day!

This Sunday, June 5, marks World Environment Day (WED). Led by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), WED is a global day to take positive action on behalf of the environment.

Celebrate International Day for Biological Diversity!

In honor of yesterday’s United Nations International Day for Biological Diversity, please join the Jane Goodall Institute (JGI) in celebrating our world’s natural beauty and diversity.

A Mother’s Day Special

Meet La Vieille, Tchimpounga’s Surrogate Mother

This Mother’s Day, read Dr.

JGI: Helping Girls Stay in School

Photo: Rachel consults with teachers participating in JGI-UG’s peer-to-peer education program.

Meet Rachel Bitarabeho

As the peer education officer for the Jane Goodall Institute-Uganda (JGI-UG), Rachel Bitarabeho is helping young women stay in school by overseeing the Institute’s peer-to-pee

JGI and Roots & Shoots Celebrate Earth Day!

Celebrate Earth Day by joining the Jane Goodall Institute and Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots in taking action to protect our planet!

World Health Day: JGI and Communities

Today, the Jane Goodall Institute (JGI) joins the World Health Organization (WHO) and other organizations and individuals around the globe in commemorating World Health Day.

JGI is committed to supporting a broad array of measures that ensure the health of local communities in areas where we work to protect chimpanzees and their habitat. By improving the health of these rural populations, we can significantly enhance their quality of life and enable them to become partners in conserving the natural resources on which they depend.

Me … Jane in Bookstores Near You!

Discover the enchanting life of a young Jane Goodall in Patrick McDonnell’s newest children’s book, Me … Jane. Using simple prose and imaginative illustrations, the award-winning author and creator of the MUTTS comic strip tells the story of a young Jane and how she eventually fulfilled her childhood dream of living among the chimpanzees in Africa. Concluding with a brief message from the real-life Jane, this magical story is sure to not only inspire, but to tug at a few heart strings as well.

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Saving Chimps From Snares (Graphic Images)!

This is the story of Mugu Moja, a young juvenile chimpanzee.