In Memoriam: Gregoire, 1942-2008

One of the animal world's most incredible stories of resilience and happy endings came to a quiet close yesterday: Gregoire, Africa's oldest known chimpanzee and a national hero in the Republic of Congo, died in his sleep.

JGI assists police with chimp rescue in Uganda

When the JGI staff in Uganda received word that a chimpanzee was being held for sale on the black market, they worked with police on a successful sting operation.

In late January, the staff of the Jane Goodall Institute in Uganda were tipped off that a young chimpanzee had been captured and was up for sale for $1,000 (USD).

Gombe chimpanzees help shed light on questions about reproductive evolution

Data collected over several decades at JGI's Gombe Stream Research Center in Tanzania and other sites suggests that menopause – the period after which a woman's ovaries cease to produce eggs– may be a very human process not shared by our closest living relatives. In fact, nearly half of all wild female chimpanzees who live past the age of 40 continue to bear offspring.

New law guarantees sanctuary for former medical research chimpanzees

JGI hailed Wednesday’s signing into law of the Chimp Haven is Home Act, a bill that will ensure chimpanzees living in sanctuary after years of medical research in government-funded facilities will not be returned to the labs.

IUCN Red List has little good news for great apes

Wild chimpanzee populations have experienced a significant reduction in the last 20 to 30 years, and face considerable threat ahead, according to the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, released last week with little good news.

Unusual event at Gombe: Gremlin "adopted" grandson

Even after 47 years of being observed day in and day out, the chimpanzees of Gombe continue to surprise.

In a story that ultimately has a sad ending, Jane's favorite living Gombe chimpanzee, Gremlin, took her daughter's infant as her own earlier this year. Gombe researchers Emily Wroblewski and Matendo Msafiri estimated that the infant was not more than 48 hours old at the time. Although the young chimpanzee's life was ultimately quite short, his story is unprecedented. Such behavior had never before been documented, as far as we know.

"Jane Goodall's State of the Great Ape" explores the challenges facing wild primates

Dr. Goodall looks at the situation confronting our closest living relatives — chimpanzees, orangutans, gorillas and bonobos — and the people who inspire her with hope for their future, when Animal Planet presents Jane Goodall’s State of the Great Ape, premiering Saturday, June 12, from 8-10pm ET.

Chimpanzee Study Points to Difference in Learning Between the Sexes

A new study of chimpanzees at the Gombe Stream Research Centre, Tanzania, shows consistent and striking differences in the ways young females and males learn a critical behavior – fishing for termites. The study is an exciting contribution to the Centre’s ongoing research into the development of cultural behavior among wild chimpanzees.

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