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*Holiday Mr. H Junior w/ Banana - Plush Toy

Quick overview: 
Carry on Dr. Jane's message of peace and hope with your very own Mr. H Junior plush toy.

Order your special Holiday Mr. H today and receive a holiday card signed by Dr. Jane Goodall with your plush....while supplies last!

Mr. H, the plush monkey carried by Dr. Jane around the world, needs your help! He was given to Dr. Jane in 1996 and has since been to over 50 countries and has been touched by 2 million people -- and he is tired! Carry on Dr. Jane's message of peace and hope with your very own Mr. H Junior plush toy.

Newest Crowdfunding Campaign: Seven New Episodes of Super Kodo, Popular Children's Video Series

This month, the Jane Goodall Institute (JGI) launches a third crowd funding campaign for 2014 to raise $64,000 by September 17, 2014 to create seven new episodes of the very popular children's video series Super Kodo. With 13 episodes already created, the series has been incredibly popular across many communities in the Republic of Congo where it was created. Helping young people understand the impact of their everyday behaviors, the video series inspires them to care about the environment we share. 




I am outraged by the killing of chimpanzees and other imperiled wildlife species for the commercial bushmeat trade—a shortsighted and cruel practice that is pushing great apes and other endangered species to the brink of extinction.

As your constituent, I strongly urge you to support legislation to discourage the bushmeat trade and other destructive activities—like irresponsible logging and mining practices—that contribute to it.

Travel with JGI - Chimpanzee Sanctuary Adventure

This is a marketing page for JGI's travel opportunities to the Tchimpounga Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Center in the Republic of Congo.

Travel with JGI - The Great Sandhill Crane Migration

This is a page created to market upcoming travel opportunities with JGI. 

Help More Chimpanzees Like Wounda Get More Room to Roam

Support JGI's efforts to make Tchimpounga's islands "chimpanzee ready." 

Join Jane for the JGI's Annual Sandhill Crane Migration Trip

In her 2009 book Hope for Animals and Their World, Dr. Jane Goodall looks at species that have been brought back from the brink of extinction, including Nebraska’s famous sandhill cranes.

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