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Jane Says: Global March for Elephants & Rhinos

The elephants and rhinos need YOU.

As I am sure you know, the increase in poaching has been horrific. In Africa, elephants and rhinos are killed every day – simply for their tusks and their horns. If this cannot be stopped soon they will become extinct.

The Story of Cow: One of Jane's Companions

Photo Credit: Wildcare / James Hall Photography

JGI and the new Sustainable Development Goals

On September 21, Dr. Jane Goodall spoke before a hushed room at the United Nations in honor of the annual International Day of Peace. In her speech, Dr.

Jane's Peace Message for Refugees

Photo Credit: Mark Maglio

Seeds of Peace: Stories of Hope for the International Day of Peace

I was in the UK last month during part of August (the one time of year when I have a couple of weeks at home for catching up and writing). I was there at the time of the 70th anniversary of the dropping of atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the end of World War Two in August 1945. There were harrowing photos, and interviews with survivors and friends and relatives of survivors. And along with the horror, the pain and suffering, were stories of courage, self sacrifice and, most important of all, the will to live. The resilience of the human spirit.

Countdown to International Day of Peace

Photo Credit: Mark Maglio

Jane's Prayer for Pope's New Declared Day for the Environment

In an offical notice by the Vatican on August 10, Pope Francis announced a World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation (Envrionment), moving forward with his agenda to push environmental issues into the global spectrum. The prayer day will be celebrated annually on September 1, shedding light on the damage we humans have created and opening the conversation for what each of us can do to help heal the world. 

Jane Calls for a Ban on Shipments of Animal Trophies

As we continue to mourn the loss of Cecil, the lion who was killed in Zimbabwe as a result of trophy hunting and has become a poster child for campaigns on cruel treatment of wildlife, Dr. Goodall continues to draw attention to the whole issue of trophy hunting and wildlife trafficking by influencing people and companies who can do their part in ending this cruel sport and trade. In the letter below, Dr.
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Saving Chimps From Snares (Graphic Images)!

This is the story of Mugu Moja, a young juvenile chimpanzee.