Researching Chimpanzees

Because of their great similarities to humans – both biological and social – chimpanzees offer us great insights into our evolutionary past and our future.

As we observe and document the world of chimpanzees, we learn more about our own behaviors and social patterns, our impact on the ecosystem and even our spread of disease. Chimp research at Gombe National Park in Tanzania and elsewhere also informs the development of strategies to protect chimpanzees and their habitats.

JGI’s chimpanzee research program incorporates:

Gombe Stream Research Center: The site of Jane Goodall’s historic research has become a hub of scientific inquiry for JGI and visiting researchers from all over the world.

Research at Sanctuaries: Researchers at JGI’s Tchimpounga Sanctuary have the rare opportunity to examine the links between chimpanzees and humans by studying rescued chimps in a more natural environment than western laboratories and zoos can provide.

Putting technology to use: While Jane Goodall began her field work with little more than binoculars, a pencil and a notebook, times have changed. Today’s researchers use sophisticated technological tools.




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