"Jane Goodall's State of the Great Ape" explores the challenges facing wild primates

Dr. Goodall looks at the situation confronting our closest living relatives — chimpanzees, orangutans, gorillas and bonobos — and the people who inspire her with hope for their future, when Animal Planet presents Jane Goodall’s State of the Great Ape, premiering Saturday, June 12, from 8-10pm ET.

Without our intervention, the world’s great apes may be extinct or surviving only in a handful of protected environments 15 to 20 years from now. In this two-hour special, Jane looks at the challenges that wild apes face, and the work being done to save them.

Filmed on location in Africa and Asia, Jane Goodall’s State of the Great Ape joins dedicated scientists and field workers on the front lines of the battle to save the great apes, and hears expert assessments of the prevailing threats — from the bushmeat trade, to devastating disease and habitat destruction. The results of an online survey conducted by Animal Planet examine our knowledge of and feelings towards our primate cousins.

Dr. Goodall holds out hope for the future of great apes — a hope based on human endeavor and ingenuity, and the resilience of nature.



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