Beijing: Dr. Goodall’s Gombe 50 Tour of Asia

Sep 14 2010


Dr. Goodall will commemorate Gombe 50, the Jane Goodall Institute’s global 50th anniversary celebration of her pioneering chimpanzee research and inspiring vision for our future, with a month-long tour of Asia throughout the month of September.

On September 15-20, Dr. Goodall will visit Beijing, China for a number of events. Highlights of her itinerary include:

September 15: Dr. Goodall will give a talk at the American Chamber of Commerce at the Renaissance Beijing Capital Hotel and a host a press conference to share information about Gombe 50 at BCIS.

September 16: In the morning, Dr. Goodall will discuss endangered species issues at the China Science and Technology Museum and announce the publication of the Chinese version of her book, Hope for Animals and Their World. That afternoon Dr. Goodall will preside over the opening ceremony of the Gombe 50 Anniversary Photo Exhibition at the Capital Library.

September 17: Dr. Goodall will visit the Western Academy of Beijing Wetlands Project in the morning and meet with R&S students. That evening, JGI-China will host a special Gombe 50 fundraising dinner with Dr. Goodall at 1725 Courtyard.

September 18: Dr. Goodall will preside over the Roots & Shoots China Summit at Beijing 101 High School. In the afternoon, she will travel to the Beijing Foreign Languages University to give a public lecture on Hope for Animals and Their World.

September 19: To celebrate the Roots & Shoots International Day of Peace today, Dr. Goodall will participate in a special nature walk and then gather with R&S students to fly the Giant Peace Dove at the Olympic Park.

September 20: Dr. Goodall will be honored for her invaluable contributions to China at the China is More Beautiful Because of You Awards hosted by China Right There and broadcast on national TV.

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