Hong Kong: Dr. Goodall’s Gombe 50 Tour of Asia

Aug 30 2010

Dr. Goodall will commemorate Gombe 50, the Jane Goodall Institute’s global 50th anniversary celebration of her pioneering chimpanzee research and inspiring vision for our future, with a month-long tour of Asia throughout the month of September. 

On August 30-September 4, Dr. Goodall will visit Hong Kong for a number of events organized by JGI-Hong Kong and Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots. JGI-Hong Kong’s projects have grown dramatically since the office started in 1999. Approximately 40 Roots & Shoots groups have been formed in the city with over 1,400 young people involved in the program.

Highlights of Dr. Goodall’s itinerary include:    

  • August 30: Closing address at the Roots & Shoots Asia Pacific Youth Summit. Held at Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Renaissance College, the summit will bring together Roots & Shoots members from across the continent to focus on making positive change happen in their communities.

  • August 31: Opening speech at the TEDx Hong Kong Conference at Polytechnic University.

  • September 2: JGI-Hong Kong presents an “evening with Jane” gala dinner in support of local operations at the Grand Hyatt Hotel Ballroom in the Wanchai District.


For event tickets please contact: info@janegoodall.org.hk


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