London: Gombe 50 Primate Society of Great Britain Symposium

Dec 8 2010


The Primate Society of Great Britain will host a two-day scientific winter meeting devoted to the theme of Gombe 50, the global celebration of Jane Goodall’s pioneering chimpanzee research and inspiring vision for our future.

This year marks a monumental milestone for the Jane Goodall Institute (JGI) and our founder. Fifty years ago, Dr. Goodall, who is today a world-renowned primatologist, conservationist and UN Messenger of Peace, first set foot on the shores of Lake Tanganyika, in what is now Tanzania’s Gombe National Park. The chimpanzee behavioral research she pioneered there has produced a wealth of scientific discovery, and her vision has expanded into a global mission to empower people to make a difference for all living things.

On the morning of December 8, Dr. Goodall will give the conference’s opening keynote address. She will sign books later that afternoon. Other JGI experts such as Drs. Anthony Collins, Shradrack Kamenya and Anne Pusey will host breakout sessions throughout the day.

On December 9, the symposium continues with a number of other invited presentations and proffered papers for a scientific discussion of the 50-year history of the Gombe research.



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