Fences To Forests 2011

The lush natural habitats on Tchibébé, Ngombé, and Tchindzoulou Islands offer some of the chimpanzees at Tchimpounga Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Center the opportunity of a better, more natural life. Over the years, Tchimpounga has seen a 34 percent increase in new arrivals in urgent need of the sanctuary and currently houses more than 150 orphaned or abused chimpanzees. That’s more than double the site’s original capacity. Thanks to the generous support of our donors, JGI has never—and will never—turn away a chimp in need. But the continuous influx of chimpanzees to the sanctuary has brought it to the brink of capacity and overcrowding. Here on the Islands of the Kouilou River comes an ideal and long-term solution—the creation of new forest enclosures where chimpanzees have sufficient space to roam freely in abundant lush forests where they can thrive … in a controlled, secure environment. We need your help to bring these chimpanzees one step closer to the lives they were meant to live.


Meet the Chimps


Though small in stature, Dan has gained the respect of the larger males at the sanctuary. Unlike most chimps, Dan does not possess any battle scars or wounds. Whenever there is a conflict, Dan lies low and keeps out of trouble.


Lounama is a natural born mother. She is always prepared to take care of new infants that arrive at the sanctuary. Due to her very caring and maternal nature, Lounama is often chosen to serve as surrogate mother to new infant arrivals at Tchimpounga,


Lucie is the “Marilyn Monroe” of Group One. The males consider her to be the most desirable female. But, unlike the well known star, instead of surrounding herself with the male chimps, Lucie prefers to keep the company of other females.


Despite many years at the sanctuary, Ouesso still believes that UFO´s are coming to get her every time a plane passed overhead. Whenever she hears or sees a plane, Ouesso hides in the trees and refuses to come inside.


Oyo – the wannabe! After, many years of attempting to reach alpha male status, Oyo still only ranks in the middle of the chimpanzee hierarchy. He still seems unable to grasp the concept that in order to reach the top, he needs to make friends along the way!


Stephanie likes to play pranks on the staff. In the morning, she will hide in the straw, which is offered to the chimps so they can make their beds at night. When Tchimpounga’s staff enter Stephanie’s room to clean it, she will jump out of the straw, and run out of her room to join her chimpanzee group! Stephanie is not really interested in escaping, just playing jokes on the humans!


Talian is a real free spirit. He frequently tries to leave his enclosures, but only so he can help his human caregivers. He takes-up up the broom and begins sweeping the floor, or tries to grab a hammer and hammer nails.


Vitika is the Einstein of Tchimpounga. Vitika has the highest IQ of all the sanctuary chimps. She is not only good at mechanical problem solving, but is also very socially adept.



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