Reflections From Gombe

"What is it like to follow chimpanzees all day? Exciting and frustrating, peaceful and thrilling. Rsearchers go to the nest site before dawn and wait for the group to wake up. After that, they just have to keep up. The chimp might sit and feed in one small area all day. Or travel with a large group across three valleys, through two-foot tunnels in thorny vines, up and down precipes, through savage army ants and rainstorms. Trackers often come home in the evening scratched, bruised and tired. But then they can cool off in the latke and swap chimp stories over dinner. Exhilarated and exhausted, they know there is still data to record and observations to add to the accumulating insights into chimp behavior."     --from Your Guide to Gombe

The Gombe Stream Research Center has hosted many scientists and researchers over the decades, who count their time at Gombe as one of the most special times of their lives. Below, three Gombe alums share their stories.



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