JGI scientist Dr. Lilian Pintea shares expertise at global event

JGI’s Director of Conservation Science Lilian Pintea recently traveled to India to attend a global sharing of information and expertise about the role of geospatial science in developing a sustainable planet. Dr. Goodall also attended the second Map World Forum, Feb. 10-13, in Hyderabad, India.

Dr. Goodall and Dr. Pintea delivered the guest address at the forum and discussed JGI’s work with chimpanzees and our efforts to eliminate habitat loss and other threats to chimpanzees and improve human livelihoods around Gombe National Park in Tanzania. JGI uses 60-cm QuickBird (DigitalGlobe), AWiFS, Landsat TM/ETM+ and other satellite sensors along with ArcGIS (ESRI), Feature Analyst (Overwatch) and Imagine (ERDAS) software to map chimpanzee habitats and human land use patterns in the Greater Gombe, Masito-Ugalla and the larger Greater Mahale Ecosystem covering an area more than 20,000 sq km.

“Remote sensing and Geographic Information Systems help us monitor both chimpanzee habitats and human threats, and to form a vision of how we may protect chimpanzees and forests in western Tanzania,” said Pintea. “They inform both immediate actions and long-term goals such as creating a conservation network between the Greater Gombe and Greater Mahale Ecosystems.”

In his guest address Dr. Pintea discussed JGI's use of geospatial technology and as it relates to:

  • very high resolution imaging of chimpanzee habitats and rural landscapes in Gombe National Park
  • participatory mapping and village land use planning in Greater Gombe Ecosystem
  • the importance of multi-sensor approach to support conservation action planning in Greater Mahale Ecosystem (GME map)

Dr. Goodall and Dr. Pintea had productive meetings during the event, discussing opportunities to help connect the leaders in the geospatial industry with decision makers to address conservation needs in Africa. “More than ever before, as we grapple with conservation problems and solutions on a global scale, connecting technology and expertise with people on the ground is critical,” Pintea says.



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