Make a Gift Through Your Workplace

JGI thanks the hundreds of people who support our work each year through payroll contributions in workplace giving campaigns. We are a member of Earth Share, a federation of the nation's most respected environmental and conservation charities. Earth Share raises vital funding on behalf of more than 400 local, national and international environmental and conservation nonprofit organizations. To donate to the Jane Goodall Institute through Earth Share, you simply pledge an automatic payroll deduction or one-time contribution during your organization’s capital campaign.

Federal employees can support JGI through the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) by selecting CFC # 11103 on their pledge forms.
Friends of JGI who work in the public or private sectors can also support our efforts to save chimpanzees, support sustainable livelihoods, and empower youth to make the world a better place for all living things. If you don’t see our name on your workplace contribution form, please write it in and designate your donation to JGI!
If you give to the Jane Goodall Institute outside of the workplace, please ask your employer about their Matching Gifts policy. When your employer matches your contribution, it doubles the amount of work we can do and the results we can achieve from your generous donation!
Find out if your employer will match your gift
Many employers have matching gift programs, whereby the corporation will contribute the same amount as its employees in a given calendar year. Some employers even double or triple the gifts their employees give! And often these programs are not utilized to the full extend by their employees.
Gifts eligible for matches must be in cash or publicly traded securities. Bequests, planned gifts, and gifts of property are usually not eligible. In some instances, although you may designate your gift for a specific project or program, the matching gift may be unrestricted, to be used by the Institute as needed.
Each employer will have specific rules and restrictions concerning matching gifts. If you are interested in learning more:
* Contact your Human Resources Director.



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