Celebrate International Day for Biological Diversity!

In honor of yesterday’s United Nations International Day for Biological Diversity, please join the Jane Goodall Institute (JGI) in celebrating our world’s natural beauty and diversity.

Since 1994, JGI has been protecting and restoring globally important ecosystems that support local communities, as well as chimpanzees and other endangered species. JGI’s innovative TACARE (“TAKE CARE”) program improves the health, education and economic livelihoods of local communities while reducing destruction of habitat. In the last 15 years, JGI has scaled TACARE to cover 49 villages and to target 311,000 people in western Tanzania and has replicated this community-centered conservation approach in other parts of Africa.

To learn more about the impact of TACARE and other JGI programs, take a look at this recent slide presentation.



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