First official biography of Jane Goodall now in print

In his new biography, Jane Goodall: the Woman who Redefined Man, Dale Peterson explores and celebrates Dr. Goodall’s scientific and personal triumphs.

Peterson’s book is the first full-length, official biography of Dr. Goodall. It offers a vivid look at Dr. Goodall’s personality and character, and a comprehensive chronicle of Dr. Goodall’s life experiences, beginning with her childhood love of animals and science and concluding with her role as an environmental and humanitarian activist. It also discusses Dr. Goodall's work on behalf of chimpanzees, highlighting their plight in captivity and the threat of extinction.

Peterson’s complete account of Dr. Goodall uncovers aspects of Dr. Goodall’s life experiences that have not previously been disclosed. It provides the most intimate look at Dr. Goodall’s life to date, informing readers about Dr. Goodall the person as well as Dr. Goodall the scientist.

Says W.C. McGrew of Nature: “Dale Peterson has produced the long-awaited, definitive biography of (arguably) the world’s leading figure in primatology…Peterson’s volume is one for which Goodall’s devotees have been waiting for, and it will deservedly enjoy much success.”

“The lessons of Goodall’s life will cheer spiritual thinkers, rally animal rights activists, affirm wilderness conservationists, and walk alongside young women incubating their own hopes and dreams,” says Lynn Hamilton of America’s Book Review.

A friend of Dr. Goodall’s, Dale Peterson coauthored Dr. Goodall’s New York Times notable book, Visions of Caliban and edited her two volumes of letters, Africa in my Blood and Beyond Innocence. Other books by Peterson include Eating Apes, Chimpanzee Travels, The Deluge and the Ark, Storyville USA and Demonic Males with Richard Wrangham. He is also a teacher and lecturer at Tufts University.

Peterson's book named a New York Times Notable book



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