Roots & Shoots youth leaders celebrate Dr. Jane’s birthday at National Retreat

Forty Roots & Shoots Youth Leaders from around the US gathered in Lansdowne, Virg., from April 2-5, 2009 for the 4th annual Roots & Shoots National Youth Leadership Retreat.

These exceptional youth received a special honor this year -- the opportunity to celebrate Dr. Jane’s 75th birthday at a private party together with Jane.

Roots & Shoots hosts the annual National Youth Leadership Retreat to build key skills and leadership capacity among members of the Youth Leadership Councils.

"I can honestly say that this trip was the greatest experience of my life!," said Miranda M., first year California Youth Leadership Council member.

"I learned how to start more Roots & Shoots groups, speak in public, advocate for issues and give interviews. When I met Dr. Jane it made me feel that I could do anything that I set my mind to."

Retreat attendees represented all five Roots & Shoots Youth Leadership Councils; California (CAYLC), Four Corners (FCYLC), Great Lakes (GLYLC), New England (NEYLC), National (NYLC) and College (CLC).  Taking inspiration from Dr. Jane’s work around the world, these teens and 20-somethings did not let geography get in the way of collaboration.

Shanay Healy, Roots & Shoots Youth Leadership Fellow and member of the NYLC said, “We all really bonded this weekend. I have a million new ideas and 40 new friends from around the country who have inspired me to keep working to make a difference!”

Do you know a young leader with a desire to make a difference? Find out how to get involved with the Roots & Shoots Youth Leadership Councils.



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