Roots & Shoots youth reach out to Haiti

Young people from all over the United States and countries including England, Canada, Vietnam, Singapore and Barbados are reaching out to young people in Haiti through an artwork and messaging campaign organized by Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots

To date, more than 4,000 young people have drawn pictures, shared meaningful quotes, and written letters and poems to the people of Haiti.
Many messages include Haitian Creole sayings such as Ne perdez pas espoir ("Don’t lose hope."), or Men anmpil chay pa lou ("Many hands make the load lighter.")
The Messages of Hope project started in 2007, when members of Roots & Shoots in New England started a “Peace through the Arts” campaign in which they sent well-wishes to young people living in countries suffering some kind of conflict. When the earthquake occurred in Sichuan province in China in 2008, and the extreme brushfires occurred in Australia in 2009, they sent the first-ever Roots & Shoots Messages of Hope. Others have been sent to young people in Kenya, Tanzania, Israel and Palestine.
The messages can be viewed online at Picasa and also at They will be shared directly with families in Haiti when individual Roots & Shoots members travel to the recovering country. The first dispatch will be next month.
Dr. Goodall has said she is thrilled that so many messages have come in from all over the world. She and Roots & Shoots staff members are encouraging anyone who wants to help financially to give to organizations operating in Haiti.
It is JGI’s hope that with these messages from youth around the world, those affected by this calamity will find some comfort in these difficult times. Consider sending a letter, poem, song or artwork yourself! One note: we're only taking submissions through March 15.
Send your messages by March 15 to:
Messages of Hope—Roots & Shoots
181 White Street, White Hall, Room 029
Danbury, Ct 06810



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