Team JGI at the G.R.A.S.P. 2nd Council Meeting in Paris


From left to right: Jeroen Haijtink (France), Fede Bogdanowicz (Spain), Lilian Pintea (USA), Diederik Visser (Netherlands) and Mary Humphrey (USA).


This past week members of Team JGI attended the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) Great Ape Surivival Partnership (GRASP) 2nd Council meeting in Paris. The goal of the Council was to craft a long-term strategy that meets the demands of conserving great apes and their habitat in a rapidly changing world. In addition the Council considered proposals suggested by the recent GRASP Strategic Review designed to make the partnership more effective, and consider reaching out to areas of government, industry, science, and research that could increase the scope and scale of GRASP’s work.

For more information about the GRASP 2nd Council click here.


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