Women's History Month: JGI Recognizes Amazing Female Scientists

Shawn Sweeney

Dr. Jane Goodall first arrived in what is today Tanzania’s Gombe National Park more than 50 years ago. The chimpanzee behavioral research she pioneered there continues to this day and is the longest-running study of great apes in the wild. Dr. Goodall’s many groundbreaking findings – that chimpanzees make and use tools, have long-lasting family bonds, eat meat, and wage war – redefined the relationship between humans and animals.

As a pioneering female scientist, Dr. Goodall is a role model to many people, particularly women interested in pursuing scientific careers. With this in mind, in honor of Women’s History Month, we recognize eight female scientists who have followed in Dr. Goodall’s footsteps, dedicating their careers to chimpanzee behavioral and related research, chimpanzee conservation, and to ensuring a future for this endangered species.
This series is particularly relevant this year as the theme of Women’s History Month 2013 is “Women Inspiring Innovation Through Imagination: Celebrating Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.”
This month, we will share interviews and information about eight inspiring female scientists working for or with the Jane Goodall Institute all over the world, including:
  • Dr. Jane Goodall, Founder, the Jane Goodall Institute;
  • Dr. Rebeca Atencia, Sanctuary Manager, the Jane Goodall Institute Tchimpounga Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Center;
  • Debby Cox, Africa Programs Technical Advisor, the Jane Goodall Insitute;
  • Grace Gobbo, Ethnobotanist, the Jane Goodall Institute-Tanzania;
  • Dr. Anne Pusey, Duke University
  • Dr. Carson Murray, The George Washington University;
  • Dr. Beatrice Hahn, The University of Pennsylvania Medical School; and
  • Dr. Elizabeth Lonsdorf, Franklin & Marshall College.
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