It’s amazing what happens when people see the difference they can make.

Once people realize their power to make a difference in the lives of their families, communities and environment, there’s no going back—only forward. the Jane Goodall Institute helps one success lead to another as we build on the impact we’re making together: restoring critical habitat to save chimpanzees from extinction; improving health for women and education for girls; cultivating local livelihoods in harmony with nature; and helping young people become the informed generation of conservation leaders the world so urgently needs through our Roots & Shoots youth programs in nearly 100 countries.

3.4 million

acres of habitat covered under Conservation Action Plans.



scientific papers and graduate theses published through research at Gombe Stream Research Center.

Researcher videotapes chimpanzees fishing for termites in Gombe National Park


chimpanzees and gorillas receiving care in a sanctuary managed or supported by the Jane Goodall Institute.



engaged communities involved in programs led by the Jane Goodall Institute.

Phoebe talks with a group of JGI TACARE microcredit beneficiaries in Kigoma


girls have returned to school after receiving mentorship from a peer educator.

Gombe villager


scholarships provided to young women to support their education.



people trained in the use of forest monitoring technology.

Forest monitor in Budongo and Bugoma Forest Reserves in western Uganda use  Global Forest Watch  platform  to help protect chimpanzee habitat in  Uganda. They work on Android tablets and Open Data Kit (ODK) app to easily collect georeferenced data and pictures in the field. Writer Wendee Nicole looks on.


projects reported by Roots & Shoots members around the globe.

Migrant school students learn about plants in Roots & Shoots environmental class, Beijing  April 26th , 2013

Make a difference with us.

Photo credits on this page (left to right, top to bottom): Nick Riley, Robert O’Malley, JGI/Fernando Turmo, JGI/Shawn Sweeney, JGI/Lillian Pintea, JGI Uganda, Ma Xiaogang