Guinea Eco-Development Project

Supporting the development of eco-friendly businesses

In the West African country of Guinea, the Jane Goodall Institute (JGI) supports sustainable income generating activities that improve the local economy and environment.

Since 2006, JGI’s economic development activities in the Boké region of Guinea have been generating alternative incomes and motivating people to conserve.  JGI has provided training in business development and marketing skills, as well as funded and assisted in the creation of small-scale eco-friendly businesses for local people.  Eco-business projects such as beekeeping and the creation of new agricultural products and practices have offered people alternative ways of making a living that reduce their impact on the environment.

In addition to improving livelihoods, through media campaigns JGI continues to educate the general public and local community members living near chimpanzees about wildlife laws and the importance of chimpanzees and their habitat.  To this end, the Institute has created and distributed environmental education posters, pamphlets, curriculum for schools and more. 

Background / Issues

Guinea is thought to contain between roughly 8,000 and 29,000 chimpanzees.  One of the greatest threats to chimps and their habitat in the country is the ongoing economic hardship facing local human populations.  With few options available to support their families, local people may turn to deforestation, environmentally harmful agricultural practices or the hunting of chimpanzees for the illegal commercial bushmeat and pet trades.  People in the region often have little incentive to protect chimpanzees and local wildlife laws are also poorly publicized and enforced.


  • Investment in over 76 eco-business projects designed and implemented by the communities
  • Training of 170+ locally selected volunteers in natural resources management tools
  • Reforestation of over 480+ acres of land in 13 targeted communities.  
  • Distribution of 32,500+ environmental education materials about biodiversity, deforestation, hunting regulations, the bushmeat trade and the role of chimpanzees in the ecosystem.
  • Creation and establishment of 11 billboards with conservation focused messages.

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