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National Youth Leadership Council

The NYLC is the youth voice of the Jane Goodall Institute. These young people apply and interview to be accepted to a one year (renewable) term. Throughout their term, they are trained and mentored in leadership and professional development skills and are given access to leaders in the fields of science, business, technology, education, and more. 
The NYLC is an extra special group of high school and college Roots & Shoots members. They are super cool and super smart ambassadors of Roots & Shoots and are available to serve as local or virtual trainers and speakers for your groups around the country!

Roots & Shoots Staff

Adrienne Bermingham
Program Coordinator
Buffalo, NY
Adrienne is a Roots & Shoots Youth Leader turned Program Coordinator! She keeps Roots & Shoots connected via social media, email, and the grander World Wide Web. When it's time to "unplug" for the day, she can be spotted doing yoga with her cat, organizing events in her community, or playing in the snow (unless it's one of those rare sun-shining days in Buffalo - then she is probably having a picnic with her family). 
Stephanie Keller
Education Projects Manager
Charlottesville, VA (Wahoowa!)
Stephanie keeps the information flowing between Roots & Shoots and JGI Africa Programs, and helps drive the community mapping bandwagon. When not tied to her phone/computer you can find her making a mess in the kitchen, lost in a book, boating on the Chesapeake Bay, or hiking the backcountry with her trailblazer lab, Cali.
Kamilah Martin
Associate Director
Orlando, FL (via P.G. County Maryland and Brooklyn, NY)
Kamilah supports the growth of the Roots & Shoots program, directs the vision for our National Youth Leadership Council, and has been working with educators in the U.S. since 2012 to help bring Dr. Jane's philosophy of youth leadership and conservation stewardship into the classroom through high-impact, hands-on service learning. When not crossing things off the to-do list, you'll catch her trying new recipes, taking pics, hiking, or getting lost outside somewhere (totally on purpose, though!).
Hope Martinez
National Youth Leadership Council Manager
Los Angeles, CA
Hope works with the coolest young people ever, the National Youth Leadership Council. She helps them hone in on their already existing leadership skills so they may be the agents of change needed to guarantee a healthy tomorrow! She is a proud mother and artist.
Erin Viera-Orr
Associate Vice-President
Los Angeles, CA
Erin helps drive the long-term strategy and is responsible for ensuring that Roots & Shoots is impactful and current in this constantly changing, modern day world. Erin shares an office with her two k-9 co-workers Lily and Baxter (don’t say anything but they're not very productive.) When not working they like to hike, go camping or simply walk into town for a yummy bite to eat. 
Emily Rhodes
National Education Manager
Albuquerque, NM
Emily works with Roots & Shoots educators and their students around the country who feel passionate about helping people, animals and the environment. Emily and her family agree that there's nothing better than a home grown tomato. They enjoy gardening among the roadrunners and coyotes that roam their neighborhood. She also enjoys hiking, cooking and visiting with family and friends, near and far. 


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