Exclusive Stories from Dr. Goodall and co-author Gail Hudson

Building on her new book, "Seeds of Hope" Jane shares extras and perspectives on protecting trees and plants.Jane Goodall Seeds of Hope Book Cover

In the coming months, with her experience in nature and her enthusiasm for botany Dr. Goodall will share new writings on plants and trees and all the ways we can protect them.

From childhood, through her groundbreaking research in the forests of Gombe, to her worldwide travels today supporting the Jane Goodall Institute’s mission to protect threatened chimpanzee habitat and educate new generations of young people around the world, Dr. Goodall’s stories show her fascination with and love of plants and the amazing people working to protect them.

Through Dr. Goodall's, "Where in the World is Dr. Jane?" blog learn how you can, after being inspired by the stories in Seeds of Hope, join in the effort to protect plants and trees. 

Protecting Plants Blog

Through her worldwide travels, Dr. Goodall has had the great fortune to learn so much about what every individual can do to help protect plants and trees. Read through the posts below to learn what Dr. Goodall suggests and join her in the effort to save these important species. 

JGI Protecting Habitats

Loss of forest habitat is one of the primary reasons chimpanzees are endangered. This is the case for many species across the planet. The Jane Goodall Institute is supporting efforts around the globe to ensure that these important ecosystems are protected and/or restored.