The Jane Goodall Study Corner


Whether you are working on a research paper or just want to know more about Jane Goodall and chimpanzees, this special section is for you. You'll find Jane's life story, information about her work at Gombe, contributions to science, and much more. Be sure to check out our sections on chimpanzee calls and chimpanzee tool use. If you're looking for images, we have a gallery of photos and maps you can download! And, we know that many of you are concerned abou the future of great apes, so we offer some ideas to help you make a difference on their behalf!

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                                                                                   Photo: Andy Nelson




Jane’s Favorites

Jane shares her favorite books, movies and more

50 Years Later

Celebrate Jane’s first 50 years in Gombe

Reasons For Hope

Jane shares her reasons for hope for the future

Jane's Reasons for Hope