Jane's Books for Younger Readers:

“My Life with the Chimpanzees”

In this children's book, Dr. Goodall shares the story of her life, beginning with her childhood in wartime England and continuing through her remarkable years studying chimpanzee behavior in what is today Tanzania’s Gombe National Park. She also discusses the threats facing chimpanzees and our obligation to help.
New York: Simon and Schuster
1988 (1996)

“The Chimpanzee Family Book”

This is a delightful book in which Dr. Goodall provides a close-up look at some of Gombe's famous chimpanzees. The book also includes many beautiful images by nature photographer Michael Neugebauer.
New York: North-South Books

“With Love”

“With Love” is a collection of 10 stories about the Gombe chimpanzees that illustrates the chimpanzees’ capacity for compassion and altruism.
New York: North-South Books / Hong Kong: minedition
“Dr. White”
This book is based on a true story of a little white dog who was adopted by a children’s hospital in London. The dog’s love and affection for the young patients helped the youngsters recover.
New York: North-South Books
“The Eagle and the Wren”
“Who can fly the highest? I can," claim the lark and the dove, the vulture — and, of course, the mighty eagle. With a great flapping of wings, and squawking and calling, the birds take to the air. It is a glorious contest, but the outcome surprises them — especially the mighty eagle!  Dr. Goodall retells a beloved story from her own childhood — a fable for all times that illustrates how we depend on each other for help and support throughout our lives.
New York: North-South Books
“The Chimpanzees I Love: Saving Their World and Ours”
This book includes fascinating stories and photographs of the Gombe chimpanzees and more.
New York: Brick Tower
“Rickie and Henri”
This book tells the beautiful true story of an unusual bond between two special animals. In addition, it includes an afterword by the author, Dr. Jane Goodall, who has met many orphaned chimpanzees in her work.
Hong Kong: minedition


The Chimpanzee Children of Gombe
This heartwarming book is filled with photos of many of the chimpanzee babies, toddlers, and young adults that live in the Gombe National Park in Tanzania, where the Jane Goodall research center of is located. Dr. Goodall has campaigned unceasingly for the protection of the chimpanzee—now an endangered species—and this moving, personal account will educate readers about the many threats to the animals in the wild and inspire readers of all ages to join in her vital work.

Jane's Books for Older Readers:

“My Friends the Wild Chimpanzees”

This remarkable, charming book details the drama and the humor, the challenges and the rewards of Dr.  Jane Goodall’s years of exhaustive research. Majestic or pathetic, playful or ferocious, the chimpanzees in an uncanny way remind humans of themselves, living as they do within a social structure, with some dominant and others submissive, with relationships shifting and changing. 
(With Hugo van Lawick)
National Geographic Society

“Innocent Killers”

“Innocent Killers” is a piece of original and highly important scientific research focusing on the behavior, personal characteristics, habits and social statuses of the hyena, the jackal and the wild dog. It opens up a new world for the reader — which, once visited, will never be forgotten.
(With Hugo van Lawick)
Boston: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt


“In the Shadow of Man”

In this bestselling classic, Dr. Jane Goodall provides the reader with an overview of her world-renowned field study of chimpanzee behavior in Tanzania. The book covers the years through 1970, including Goodall’s major discovery of tool use.
Boston: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
“Grub: The Bush Baby”
This lovely book tells the story of Dr. Goodall and her family's life in Africa, particularly the experiences of her little boy, Hugo, who was affectionately known as Grub. 
(With Hugo van Lawick)
Boston: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
"Solo The Story of an African Wild Dog"
Solo was an African wild dog puppy whose brothers and sisters had one by one been killed, whose mother was ostracized and deprived of food, who was set upon by the other puppies whenever she ventured outside the burrow. The story of Solo’s puppyhood, her persistent fortitude, her so nearly tragic end is documented in this book, brilliantly illustrated by Hugo van Lawick's own photographs and drawings from David Bygott. In it we see how what began as a scientific investigation into the habits of the evasive and little-studied African wild dog yielded unexpected fruit in one of the most moving and exciting of real life animal sagas. 
(With Hugo van Lawick)
Boston: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
“The Chimpanzees of Gombe”
Relationships, communication, hunting, feeding, aggression, dominance, sexuality, territoriality, and social awareness — every aspect of the chimpanzee’s complex society is presented in this book. With rigorous observations over half the 50-year lifespan of these apes and extensive documentation, including maps, tables and charts, “The Chimpanzees of Gombe” draws even the non-scientific reader into the Gombe story. 
Harvard University Press
“Through a Window”
“Through a Window” details the dramatic saga of 30 years of Dr. Goodall’s studies at Gombe, as well as later observations by researchers, including  the Gombe “four-year war” and courting behavior/consortships. This book is a follow-up to “In the Shadow of Man.”
Boston: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
“Visions of Caliban”
In this groundbreaking book, a brilliant writer and a great scientist join forces to paint an extraordinary portrait of chimpanzees, humans, and our complex lives together. 
(With Dale Peterson)
University of Georgia Press
“Brutal Kinship”
In his revealing photographs, and in their commentaries drawn from first-hand experiences, Michael Nichols and Dr. Jane Goodall join forces to present the ways in which chimpanzees are physically, emotionally and intellectually closer to us than we ever imagined, and how, paradoxically, we have forced them into a more human yet sadly less humane existence. 
(With Michael Nichols)
Aperture Foundation
“Reason for Hope”
From the unforgettable moment when a wild chimpanzee gently grasps her hand to the terror of a hostage taking and the sorrow of her husband’s death, this book details Dr. Jane Goodall’s unshakable spiritual beliefs that give her life meaning and direction. Here, thoughtfully exploring the challenges of both science and the soul, she offers an inspiring, optimistic message as profound as the knowledge she brought back from the forests — and gives us all ... reason for hope. 
(With Philip Berman)
Grand Central Publishing
“40 Years at Gombe”
Filled with photographs from the Jane Goodall Institute’s archives, as well as images by top photographers and new, never-before-published photographs, this beautifully illustrated volume traces the story of Dr. Jane Goodall’s work from its singular beginning and serves as an enduring tribute to one of the world’s most important women. 
“Africa in my Blood: An Autobiography in Letters (Vol. I)”
This book is an extraordinary self-portrait in letters of Jane Goodall's early years, from childhood to the publication of “In the Shadow of Man,” revealing this remarkable woman more vividly than anything published before, by or about her.
(Edited by Dale Peterson)
Boston: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
“Beyond Innocence: An Autobiography in Letters (Vol. II): The Later Years”
This second volume of Jane Goodall’s autobiography in letters covers the years of her greatest triumphs and her deepest tragedies.
(Edited by Dale Peterson)
Boston: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
“The Ten Trusts: What We Must Do to Care for the Animals We Love”
This book sets forth 10 trusts for living in harmony with the natural world and adopting a more ethical attitude toward all the creatures who make up the multitude of species with whom we share the planet.
(With Marc Bekoff)
New York: Harpercollins Publishers
“Harvest for Hope: A Guide to Mindful Eating”
In this provocative and encouraging book, Dr. Jane Goodall sounds a clarion call to Western society, urging us to take a hard look at the food we produce and consume — and showing us how easy it is to create positive change.  
(With Gary McAvoy and Gail Hudson)
Grand Central Publishing
“Hope for Animals and Their World: How Endangered Species are Being Rescued from the Brink”
The stories shared in this book illustrate the resilience of nature, as well as the persistence and determination of the men and women who have fought — sometimes for decades — to save the last survivors of a species, refusing to give up.
(With Thayne Maynard and Gail Hudson)
Grand Central Publishing
“50 Years at Gombe” 
Revised and lavishly illustrated, this updated edition of “Jane Goodall: 40 Years at Gombe” (published 2000) is a compelling pictorial tribute to Dr. Goodall’s life, her studies of  wild chimpanzee behavior, and her unflagging efforts to motivate people to better the world.
Abrams and Easton Press
In her wise and new elegant book, Dr. Jane Goodall blends her experience in nature with her enthusiasm for botany to give readers a deeper understanding of the world around us. Looking at the world as an adventurer, scientist, and devotee of sustainable foods and gardening — and setting forth simple steps we can all take to protect the plants around us —  Dr. Goodall delivers an enlightening story of the wonders we can find in our own backyards.
(With Gail Hudson)
Grand Central Publishing
Jane Goodall, who turned eighty on April 3, 2014, is known around the world as a groundbreaking primatologist, the foremost expert on chimpanzees, and a passionate conservationist. In her nearly sixty-year career, Goodall has touched the hearts of millions of people. The Jane Effect is an anthology of testimonies by Goodall’s friends and colleagues honoring her as a scientific pioneer, inspiring teacher, devoted friend, and engaging spirit whose complex personality tends to break down usual categories. Goodall is the celebrity who transcends celebrity. The distinguished scientist who’s open to nonscientific ways of seeing and thinking. The human who has lived among nonhumans. She is a thoughtful adult who possesses a child’s sense of immediacy and wonder. She is a great scientific pioneer, and yet her work goes far beyond producing advances in scientific knowledge. The more than 100 original pieces in this inspirational anthology give us a sense of Goodall’s amazing reach and the power of the “Jane effect.”
Trinity University Press



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