Cloud-based mapping

Our efforts to amplify and promote the depth of information available about landscapes are improving the understanding of conservation and land use decision-makers at the community, national and range-wide level. Small-scale forest owners, international conservation organizations and governments are now sharing information that was previously available only to resource-rich users. We leverage mobile mapping technologies to empower communities by providing them with accurate information for conservation planning and management.

With the support of consistent core funding, we can ensure that JGI will remain at the forefront of democratizing access to critical information for those who are most impacted by conservation decisions.

By using evolving technology in innovative ways, we can not only access new information on animals, the environment and people more accurately than ever, but we can democratize and share that information through open platforms to others for broader and more comprehensive conservation efforts. JGI knows the value of knowledge in individual and collaborative conservation efforts, and by sharing our knowledge on health habitat, ape presence and illegal activities, we aid the conservation community in zeroing in on threats and maximizing conservation impacts. Improved science and technology allow us to understand the scope of threats and successes at a massive scale through large-scale satellite imagery and small-scale but widespread community forest monitoring. Enhanced technology also allows us to improve the well-being and livelihoods of communities by using alternative energy, forming village land use plans and increasing access to clean water, disease prevention and reproductive healthcare.