Ensuring Healthy Habitats

Through the use of cutting-edge science and technology to inform conservation planning and to connect communities with the knowledge and resources they need to protect their forests.

Fragmentation and degradation of habitat along with illegal hunting are two of the most significant threats to chimpanzees in the wild. Reducing forest loss is essential to preserving the habitat that chimpanzees and many other species need to survive. JGI works to create balance between the ecosystem’s ability to support human needs whilst sustaining the other animals who share the landscape. We reforest landscapes while addressing community needs. This balance of effort is essential to stabilizing the chimpanzee population.

JGI works at the landscape scale, in order to support significant populations of chimpanzees. We focus on protecting vital corridors by weaving together a network of community reserves and national protected areas that connect communities of chimpanzees, improving genetic viability of the species across its entire range.

We emphasize local participation in conservation planning and monitoring. We leverage mobile mapping technologies to empower communities by providing them with accurate information for conservation planning and management. We include local culture and community needs in our conservation approach. This approach protects water sources and local agriculture. It also ensures that these resources will be available to the community for generations to come.

As human populations rise and forests fall, great ape populations become fragmented and isolated from one another, decreasing genetic diversity and the odds of long-term survival of each community. Also as human communities grow unsustainably, they put the future of natural habitats and resources at risk of overuse, degradation and loss. The best way to protect healthy habitats for wildlife and to ensure sustainable human communities that will protect that habitat is to work with the people in promoting community-centered conservation. JGI works with communities across chimpanzees’ range by engaging them through community action and monitoring use withcutting-edge technology, in order to instill in people a sense of pride in conservation practices and ownership and stewardship for their environment.