Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the Jane Goodall Institute USA office is closed. We are more committed than ever to fulfilling our mission and advancing Dr. Goodall’s vision while our staff works remotely.
Our work continues with the generosity of our supporters and the whole JGI family. We are so grateful for your continued support.

Ensuring Healthy Rainforest Habitats

Jane Goodall has not only given us a remarkable window into the world of chimpanzees; her work has been instrumental in saving them from extinction. Still, due to rainforest destruction, illegal trafficking and disease, chimpanzees remain an endangered species that could vanish in our lifetime without our help.

Protecting and saving chimpanzees is the heart of JGI’s mission. We work with a sense of urgency to restore healthy habitat through community-centered conservation, achieving sustainable solutions where people, chimpanzees and their rainforest home can all thrive. In this spirit, JGI uses the latest advances in science, and technology to conserve this critical habitat. With the generous support of concerned individuals around the world, we employ these advances to help communities set priorities and inform action planning that increases the scale and pace of our impact.

Make a difference with us.

Photo credits on this page (left to right, top to bottom): Michael Christopher Brown/Magnum, Michael Neugebauer, JGI/Susana Name, Nick Riley, JGI/Fernando Turmo, JGI/ MIke Wilson, Andy Nelson, JGI/Jen Croft